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Water use in Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park Trust is doing our bit to reduce water use during Level 2 Water Restrictions that apply to the greater Sydney area.

While much of Parramatta Park is generally not irrigated and has some resilience to cope with periods of drought, as custodians of significant National and World Heritage listed landscapes, it is our responsibility to ensure that significant grass, trees, gardens and vegetation survives the extended hot and dry conditions.

Parramatta Park Trust abides by Sydney Water’s Guidelines for Water Management and we are minimising water use where possible. The Trust is licensed to use water from Parramatta River to ensure the survival of our heritage gardens, premier event space, The Crescent and other historically significant grassed and landscaped areas. We also use water carefully to maintain clean and safe toilets, shelters and other facilities.

With over 250,000 people expected to attend Crescent Summer Series festivals and events, we need to ensure the comfort and safety of our visitors, including reducing dust in the air. We will maintain a healthy grass cover in some intensively used areas and protect other extremely stressed grassed and planted areas from dying. We will do this through the careful use of drip, hand and sprinkler irrigation, river water supplied sprinklers and water trucks.

We signpost areas where river water is in use for irrigation and ask that people avoid playing in or drinking water from the sprinklers as it is untreated.

The Trust will continue to monitor the changing drought conditions and condition of the park. Our maintenance programs will be adjusted to ensure our landscapes and gardens survive and we will use water wisely in accordance with Water Restrictions.  If you are concerned please contact us as info@ppt.nsw.gov.au.

Management of Bats in Parramatta Park

Prolonged extreme weather including temperatures of 47 degrees in Parramatta Park on Saturday 4 January has sadly impacted our Grey-headed Flying-fox camp.

In accordance with Parramatta Park Trust’s Camp Management Plan, we are working with WIRES and the Department of Primary Industries to help reduce heat stress in the North Parramatta area.

The Trust has restricted public access to the area to reduce further impact on the camp and for the health and safety of visitors and pets.

WIRES have been spraying water from the edges of the camp to reduce heat, monitoring activity in the camp and removing deceased bats appropriately.

If you have concerns please contact WIRES who are expertly trained in the handling and care of animals on 1300 094 737.

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