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Stage 1 works of the People's Loop

Stage one construction for the new People’s Loop at Parramatta Park has begun along the Park Avenue boundary.

The People’s Loop is an exciting and innovative plan to remove cars, initially from West Domain Avenue within Parramatta Park, creating a wider and more generous pedestrian and cycling corridor, while providing carparking close to key park facilities.

We are working closely with the City of Parramatta and Parramatta Light Rail to minimise disruptions and complete the work as quickly as possible.

What do the works involve?  

Stage one of the People’s Loop includes:

  • A new 54 space car parking area, sensitively designed into the landscape setting, in the southwest corner of the Park
  • 35 new car parking bays, located between stands of existing mature trees, along Park Avenue between the Queens Road Gatehouse and Coleman Oval
  • Upgrade to the Queens Road Gatehouse park entry
  • New park furniture and signage
  • Improved pedestrian footpaths leading into the Park from Park Avenue
  • Landscape improvements including planting 170 advanced native trees

What impact will construction have on the surrounding area?

  • The Queens Road Gatehouse vehicular entry to the Park will be closed when its upgrades are underway. When closed, there will be no vehicle access to the Park via this entrance.
  • Pedestrian access to the Park will remain open in multiple locations. Temporary detours may be required during different phases of construction and these will be clearly signposted.
  • The southbound lane of Park Avenue will temporarily close at various times throughout construction, during off peak times. Park Avenue will still have two-way traffic under the control of trained and licensed traffic controllers.


If you wish to speak to someone about the project, please call 02 9895 7500.

For more information about the People's Loop, visit: www.parrapark.com.au/the-peoples-loop 

Weed spraying program

Herbicide spraying will commence in Parramatta Park from 22 September 2021. This is being carried out to control the growth of winter weeds and keep our Park well-maintained and looking it’s best. Treatments are expected to be conducted within the day, weather permitting. Targeted weeds include Bindii, clover and broadleaf weeds.

Work will include:

The herbicide application will be undertaken as part of Greater Sydney Parklands’ annual turf renovation program and as per pesticide use notification plan, applying a registered chemical by appropriately trained and qualified staff. See Spearhead Technical Brochure for further information. 

What to expect:

On Wednesday 22 September 2021, advisory signs will be placed around the Park to let visitors know about this activity. The Park will remain open for the public.

All work will be in accordance with the Pesticides Act & Regulation. Signage will be in place at key entry points prior and post spraying.


For more information please call (02) 9895 7500 or email: info@ppt.nsw.gov.au

Grey-Headed Flying Fox cooling system installation

Protecting Parramatta Park’s Grey-Headed Flying Fox community and caring for our Park’s natural environment is a priority for Greater Sydney Parklands.

Grey-Headed Flying Foxes are vitally important to the health of Australian plants and between 5,000-10,000 call our park home, with their camp situated in the trees along the banks of Parramatta River.  

Grey-Headed Flying Foxes are also sensitive to heat stress – it can cause them significant harm and even death. To reduce future heat stress events in extreme temperatures, Greater Sydney Parklands is installing a canopy cooling system in six trees within the flying fox camp.

The canopy cooling system involves six wobbler head sprinklers fitted into each tree. They are spread between lower, mid and upper canopy and, when activated, will spray water to cool the flying foxes, mimicking a summer rainstorm.

The cooling system is being installed on Monday 23 August 2021 and will be complete within the week.

Greater Sydney Parklands is working closely with WIRES to manage this project and ensure minimal disruption to the flying foxes. WIRES has assisted in selecting the priority trees for the sprinklers and will monitor and manage the use of the sprinklers during heat stress events. Greater Sydney Parklands has also supplied a portable pump and twin spray unit to assist with reaching areas that the fixed system can’t reach.

If you would like more information about the work, please contact the Parramatta Park Trust office on 9895 7500 or email us at info@ppt.nsw.gov.au.

Pop-up COVID-19 testing clinic in Parramatta Park

A pop-up, walk-up COVID-19 testing clinic was set up at Coleman Oval in Parramatta Park on Tuesday 17 August 2021. The clinic is open 6:30am-5pm, seven days a week.

The pop-up clinic will help relieve pressure on the COVID-19 testing clinic at Westmead Hospital and was requested by NSW Health.

The clinic will be open for at least one month and could remain at the oval for up to three months.

Coleman Oval was identified as a suitable location for the clinic due to its proximity to Westmead Hospital, its size and its accessibility from external streets to minimise the impact on other areas of the park and maintain distance from other park users.

Visit NSW Health for more COVID-19 information: www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19 

What we are doing in response to COVID-19

Updated 12 November 2021

Safeguarding the health and safety of our visitors and staff is core to what we do at Parramatta Park. We are closely monitoring and responding to Government health advice in this rapidly changing environment and putting in place measures to protect our community during these challenging times.

Restrictions continue to ease for fully vaccinated adults in NSW which mean the following changes for visitors to Parramatta Park:

  • Outdoor gatherings – there is now no limit on the number of fully vaccinated people who can attend an informal gathering in our Park. In response, we have opened up our picnic spots for bookings again for up to two months in advance.
  • No limit for ticketed and seated outdoor public gatherings. COVID Safe plans are required for events with more than 1,000 people. Events will start coming back to the Park.
  • Outdoor exercise and sport in the Park is permitted for all fully vaccinated people. If you are not fully vaccinated, you can participate in a gathering for sport or exercise with one other person or with your household. 
  • One person per 2sqm for weddings, with dancing permitted and eating and drinking allowed while standing.

Proof of vaccination and a valid photo ID will need to be shown if asked by Police who will be patrolling the Park to enforce COVID-restrictions, including gatherings and social distancing.

We urge visitors to ensure they stay informed and comply with the latest NSW Health orders.

Visit our COVID-19 information and updates page for more information on:

  • Latest advice
  • Useful resources
  • Information about venue closures
  • Venue closures and changes
  • Park staff and contractors


Have you noticed some work going on in our park?

Updated on 9 July 2021

Our park is such a special place for many reasons, including being home to many important monuments and sites. As part of our heritage conservation program, $1M has been allocated to some maintenance work around the park.

Current work: 

  • Macquarie street Gatehouse has works in progress however limited service for coffee and take away is operating from the side yard and front yard.
  • The Dairy and Ranger’s Cottage has conservation work underway. 


Completed work: 

  • Wistaria Garden palisade fence work is complete. 
  • Road repair and resheeting works are complete.
  • Noller Bridge and Buttons Bridge painting is complete and both bridges are open for access.
  • Bowling green ( Rose Garden ) amenities. Fences removed and amenities are open for visitors.
  • Replaced old picnic tables.
  • Boer war memorial work is now complete and fences removed.
  • Bath House - fences removed and open for visitors .
  • Pitt Street - palisade fences repainted.
  • Rotunda had conservation work completed. 
  • Coleman Oval amenities block had maintenance work. 
  • Road line markings made. 


We will update this notice if there is any new maintenance work in our beautiful park.

If you have any questions please email us.

Night road works in the park

As part of the ongoing Parramatta Park road maintenance and upgrade program, road repairs will be carried out at across the Park. Some of these works will involve night work and machinery noise will occur within the Park.

From 5pm Monday 28 June until 6am Tuesday 29 June & 5pm 29 June until 6 am 30 June.

  • Park loop road and parking areas - Necessary road asphalt repair and re-sheeting works.
  • West Domain Ave - The road section along on the western boundary of the park which runs parallel to Park Ave will be re-sheeted. 

 From 6pm Wednesday 30 June until 5am Thursday 1 July.

  •  Macquarie Street gate entry and on the main Park loop road - Necessary road asphalt repair and re-sheeting. Trucks delivering materials will be entering and exiting the Park via the Macquarie Street entry during these hours. 
  • Note - This work replaces previously advised Night works for Sunday 27 June at 7pm to Monday 28 June until 5am. 

In the event of wet weather, the night works will be undertaken the following evening or rescheduled.

We appreciate your patience during these necessary repair works in the Park. 

For more information regarding the work, please contact the Parramatta Park Trust office on 9895 7500 or email us at info@ppt.nsw.gov.au

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