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New light poles and bollards to Parramatta Park

Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) is installing new light poles and bollards in Parramatta Park from the George Street Gatehouse to Coleman Oval along Railway Parade and West Domain Avenue. This route is a popular walking path connecting Parramatta CBD to Westmead railway station and Westmead’s residential and health areas. These new lights will allow people to use and enjoy the park for longer each day in summer, and after work in winter, for exercise and commuting.

This project will be delivered as part of the Transport for NSW’s Safer Cities program, which is investing $30 million over two years to improve safety for women, and girls across NSW. GSP received $2.5 million to invest in women and girls’ safety in the park as part of this program. GSP consulted closely with women, girls and First Nations people on this project and their views directly influenced the type and location of lights selected.

We also heard that CCTV and family friendly night-time places and activities in the park would also make the park feel safe. As part of this project, underground conduits are also being installed to support a future connection to the City of Parramatta’s CCTV network and future power for low-key night-time family activities. You can read more about the consultation process in the What We Heard Report

What will it look like?

Light poles will be installed at regular intervals from the George St Gatehouse along Railway Parade and West Domain to Coleman Oval.

The light poles along the path have been carefully selected and located, with lighting bollards next to the Macquarie Street Gatehouse, to minimise impacts on the significant cultural heritage landscapes and buildings in the park.

The brightness, motion sensors and distance between the lights have been carefully chosen to maximise visitors’ night-time visibility and perception of safety in the park, while minimising the impact of lighting on neighbouring residents and park wildlife.

Lighting will have motion sensors to increase brightness upon approach and timers for early and later evening modes. We have included lighting of trees and landscapes with the provision for future lighting of the monuments. Lighting can be adjusted to respond to environmental factors as needed.

Lights will be on from sunset to sunrise each night and can be adjusted to help facilitate safe park entry and exit during major events. During summer, full lighting will be on until 10pm and during winter it will be on until 8pm. After these times, the lights will dim and motion sensors will activate along the path when used for safety.

Lighting along the boulevard to the George Street Gatehouse will have the ability to project light art along the footpath. This is a wonderful opportunity to display First Nations art and storytelling commissioned for the park.


Project stages

> Strategic planning and community consultation

> Detailed design 

> Archaeological digs

> Installation begins (March 2024)

> Installation complete (estimated mid-2024)

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Learn about the project's community consultation 

Read the What We Heard Report 

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