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Parramatta Park

Walking and Cycling

Stay fit and take in the beauty of our wonderful green space

Parramatta Park is a beautiful setting for walking and cycling. With its 3.2km loop cycle lane and shared paths, it is suitable for cyclist of all levels and it connects to cycle routes travelling along the Parramatta River and all the way to Sydney Olympic Park.

The main road is currently shared with pedestrians and cars, while Long Avenue (a smooth 600-metre path running parallel with Domain Creek) is ideal for younger riders as it is only used by authorised vehicles and is not part of the main internal roadway.

The ‘People’s Loop’ is a new two-month trial transforming walking and cycling in World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park. The trial will run from 18 May to 19 July 2020. 
This eight-week trial is based on the People’s Loop project, a future Parramatta Park plan, and we look forward to hearing feedback on your experience through our feedback survey.

Heritage walks and rides

Walking and cycling are the ideal choice when exploring the historically significant sites in and around the Park, whether you’re following one of our self-guided tours or retracing the steps of Governor Phillip along the Parramatta River.

It’s your last chance to have your say and WIN*! Survey closes 24 July.

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