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Parramatta Park

Rumsey Rose Garden and Murray Gardens

Rumsey Rose Garden

Located near the Macquarie Street Gatehouse Tearooms, Rumsey Rose Garden boasts one of the largest collections of heritage roses in Australia.  There is always something beautiful to see and you'll find the roses at their peak in October-November and May. The garden is beautiful, with a central lawn surrounded by lush garden beds with paved paths leading to arbours draped with fragrant heritage roses.

For details on hiring Rumsey Rose Garden for a wedding ceremony, see Book an Area.

Murray Gardens

Located at the George Street Gatehouse, Murray Gardens is a lovely, quiet spot to stop. The shaded garden area with pond recently underwent restoration works including landscaping, update of park furniture and lighting. Restoration of the southern section of Murray Gardens Creek was done to improve water flows and re-establish ponds, emulating historic water patterns. Murray Gardens is conveniently located close to the Paperbark playground and the O'Connell Street parking area.

In 2014, Parramatta Park Trust partnered with the NSW Government’s Ministers Stone Program and the NSW Public to restore the Governor Macquarie-era convict stone bridge over Murray Gardens Creek. Working in Sydney sandstone, skilled artisans used 19th century stone masonry techniques, basing the design of the stone arch on watercolours done by colonial artist Joseph Lycett in 1820 to ensure its historical accuracy.


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