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Parramatta Park

Getting to the Park

Parramatta Park is on the western edge of the Parramatta CBD and is an easy walk from Parramatta and Westmead railway stations or the Rivercat terminal. If you are on foot, the best entry points are George Street gate on the east, Queens Road gate or Park Avenue to the west and Great Western Highway to the south. Temporary changes to parking and vehicle access are currently in place due to the People’s Loop Trial, please find more information here.

City Shuttle

The Parramatta Shuttle Bus connects tourists, residents and commuters to the commercial, retail and recreational landmarks of the city. It runs every 10 minutes, seven days a week, and it is free.

The bus operates on a continuous loop around the city centre, with three stops near Parramatta Park:

Stop 3 (Macquarie Street West near the Jessie Street Centre) – a short walk to the Park’s main gate, this stop is ideal for the Rumsey Rose Garden, Gatehouse Tea Rooms and Old Government House.

Stop 4 (O'Connell Street) – ideal for the Crescent, Old Kings Oval, Government Farm and the northern riverbank.

Stop 5 (Leagues Club on O'Connell Street) – access the park by crossing the Parramatta River using the Buttons Bridge.


Parramatta Park is a short walk from both Parramatta and Westmead train stations. Visit Transport NSW to plan your trip.


Parramatta Park is a short, pleasant walk along the riverside from the Charles Street wharf. See  Transport NSW to plan your trip on the Rivercat service.


The Parramatta bus terminal is located next to the Parramatta train station in Darcy and Argyle Streets. Use Transport NSW to plan your bus trip.

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