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Park facilities

COVID-19 update for visitors and the community

Picnic shelters

There are several picnic shelters throughout Parramatta Park that are available for use, free of charge, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There are also 7 shelters you can book – see hire a picnic shelter.


There are 14 barbecues in the Park, which are available, free of charge, for small gatherings on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We ask Park visitors to be considerate when others are waiting their turn by clearing the space in a timely manner once they have cleaned the barbecue thoroughly.

You can also BYO (bring your own) gas, heat bead or charcoal fuelled barbecue to the Park to use (except when there is a Total Fire Ban – see below). Used heat beads must be cooled and taken home.

When there is a Total Fire Ban, only the Park’s fixed barbecues or enclosed gas barbecues can be used. Heat bead or charcoal barbecues are not permitted on Total Fire Ban days. Please check the NSW Rural Fire Service website to check if there’s a Total Fire Ban before you set out.


There are two playgrounds at Parramatta Park:

  • the Paperbark Playground, located near the pedestrian entry to the George Street Gatehouse, is our new inclusive playground and ideal for children and toddlers, with varied mobility, including wheelchair users
  • the Domain Creek playground, opposite the Queens Road Gatehouse on the Westmead side of the park, is suitable for all ages.

Find out more about our playgrounds.


Public toilets (include accessible toilets) are located throughout the Park. See each location on the Parramatta Park map.

Parramatta Park accessibility

There is a number of accessible parking spots located throughout the Park and all permanent toilet facilities have an accessible toilet. For major events, accessible parking is available for RMS mobility parking passes. To register for accessible parking and to receive information about the accessible viewing areas for each event, please email us at [email protected] with the Subject Line: Accessible Parking for "Insert Event Name". 

Using the Park

Please treat the Park, its plants and wildlife and other visitors with respect and care.

Rubbish disposal

We aim to recycle as much waste as possible. Visitors are asked to separate their rubbish and place it in the bins provided (or take it with them).

Rules and regulations designed to make sure everyone enjoys their experience are in place, including the Parramatta Park Regulation 2019, the Parramatta Park Trust Act 2001, the Park Visitor Use and Activities Policy and the Terms and Conditions for shelter hire .

Dog Access

Our furry friends are welcome, but they must be on a leash at all times and you must clean up after them and dispose of their waste thoroughly. 

Water stations

All locations are supplied by Sydney water, not rain or river water.  Except for amenity blocks which are only open during park vehicle access hours, others water access points can be used 24/7 as they are openly accessible. We don’t turn off any water overnight.  

  • At Bowling Green / Rose garden amenities block there is a hand wash sink where water can be filled in their small bottle or drink directly from tap.  
  • Near domain creek playground we have an amenity block with a hand wash sink with taps.  
  • Domain creek playground South and North entry points have two stainless steel bubblers along the gravel pathway for bottle fill or direct drink.  
  • Along the west Domain parking bay fence rails on right side of the road, there are a couple of garden taps to access water.  
  • At Coleman oval amenities there is a hand washing sink where water can be accessed.  
  • At our new cafe event centre ( which is under construction) is a steel bubbler near the concrete ramp at car parking bays  
  • At Gawi shelter, there is a garden tap for water.  
  • At Paperbark playground there is a stainless steel bubbler.  
  • Murray garden amenities have a hand washing sink with a tap for water.  
  • At the Old Kings' Oval white picket fence along the oval perimeter, there are five taps spread across the fence line every 100-150 m. 


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