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Pyrotechnical plan

The event organiser, promoter or hirer must engage a licensed pyrotechnician for all pyrotechnical displays. 

The licensed pyrotechnician must complete a WorkCover Notification of pyrotechnics/fireworks display form as a condition of event approval. For more information, download this form.

The event organiser, promoter or hirer must also provide a:

• site plan outlining the location of the firing ground, including exclusion zones

• clean-up plan outlining how the site will be cleared of debris by 6.00am the morning after the display.

Park wildlife protection

• Commence noise generation at low levels during sound check and event, and work up to maximum volume gradually to allow Grey-headed Flying Fox (GHFF) and other fauna time to acclimatise to the noise.

• Avoid or minimise sudden loud noises that imitate the sound of a gun, particularly during daylight hours when GHFF and other fauna are at rest and up until 1 hour after sunset.

• Ensure any pyrotechnic displays are located a minimum of 500 m from the GHFF camp. Pyrotechnic displays should not be initiated within 1 hour of sunset to allow GHFF time to leave the camp fortnightly foraging activities. Pyrotechnic displays are not to be initiated from the Parramatta River or any other waterbody within Parramatta Park because bats use these features as flyways and foraging sites


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