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Parramatta Park

The Dairy and Rangers Cottages

The Dairy Precinct is the location of the Dairy and Rangers Cottages and one of Australia’s oldest colonial sites. It is bound by timber fencing and can be found to the north of Old Government House, overlooking the Parramatta River. 


The Dairy Cottage was constructed between 1796 and 1805 by ex-convict George Salter. Two wings and two pavilions, now demolished, were added to the building by Governor Macquarie around 1813. The cottage, and the adjacent Rangers Cottage built around 1870, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Parramatta Park. The Dairy Cottage is one of the oldest intact cottages still standing in Australia today. Due to the extreme fragility of both structures, the number of visitors has been limited to ensure their preservation.


Parramatta Park offers tours of the Dairy and Rangers Cottages, both guided group tours in the Park and virtual tours that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world through our partnership with Google Arts & Culture. Visit our tours page for more information.

Wedding Ceremonies

Surrounding the Dairy and Rangers Cottages is the beautiful Dairy Cottage Garden, featuring manicured lawns, sandstone paths, a majestic fig and elegant jacaranda trees. The garden and its many historical features make a timeless backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Visit our Book and area page to make a booking


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