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Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan

During 2017 the Parramatta Park Trust carried out a design and public consultation process to transform the Mays Hill Precinct. The Precinct is part of Parramatta Park, separated from the northern section of the Park by the Main Western Railway Line. It is 20 hectares in size and bordered by Park Parade in the North, the Great Western Highway and Good Street in the South, Pitt Street in the East and Hassall Street in the West.

Access to most of the Precinct was previously limited by the presence of the Parramatta golf course which operated from 1957 to 2015. The closure of the golf course created an opportunity to provide for a diverse range of recreation and leisure activities in the Precinct, to complement the wider Parramatta Park.


In June 2016 the NSW Government announced the Mays Hill Precinct as the preferred location for a new aquatic facility. The new facility would replace the Parramatta Swimming Centre which was closing to make way for the new Western Sydney Stadium. In March 2017, the Parramatta Swimming Centre closed and the NSW Government announced a commitment to contribute $30 million to the new aquatic facility at Mays Hill.

The City of Parramatta Council is currently undertaking detailed planning for the new aquatic facility and will work closely with the Parramatta Park Trust to ensure the best outcome for the Precinct and future community users.

For further information and to view the Aquatic Site Suitability Study, visit City of Parramatta's website.

To contact Council and register to receive updates on planning for a new facility, including opportunities to participate in community consultation, please email [email protected] or phone 1300 617 058.

Mays Hill Today

Three quarters of Mays Hill Precinct is occupied by the former Parramatta golf course. The remainder of the Precinct includes grassed areas used as sporting fields and the Mays Hill and Park Parade Gatehouses. Currently there are limited pedestrian routes and no recreational facilities or amenities in the Precinct such as picnic areas, playgrounds and toilets.

The closure of the golf course and the relocation of the Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre to Mays Hill Precinct provides an opportunity for the Precinct to transform into an active urban parkland with better connectivity to the core Park in the north.

Protection of heritage views and community recreation opportunities are key considerations in the planning process.

Mays Hill Master Plan

The Mays Hill Master Plan is available to view or download in 2 parts. 

 Download or view the Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan - Part 1
 Download or view the Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan - Part 2

What Next?

Now that the Master Plan is complete, Parramatta Park Trust will work with the City of Parramatta to progress the design of the aquatic leisure centre and the broader precinct.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more about the Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan please see our FAQs.


How do I stay up to date with the Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan?

If you have any questions please email the Master Plan project team at [email protected]

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