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A severe weather event occurring across Greater Sydney is currently impacting conditions in our Park.

Parramatta Park may be subject to increased rainfall and high winds that could cause flooding, fallen trees and hazardous conditions for visitors. These conditions are on top of the recent significant rainfall across Sydney that has impacted the regular maintenance of our lawns, garden beds and bushland areas.

The safety of our park users is paramount. Please use caution during your visit to our Park during this time and check this page regularly for updates on closures.

If you are in our Park, please be aware of your surroundings and do not go near or enter flooded water bodies and cross flooded roadways. As always, our rangers are here to help so please follow their directions and take note of emergency signage. If you need assistance, please contact our dedicated ranger on 0419 122 763. Remember, if it is an emergency call 000 before calling the rangers.

Impacted park activities

A number of regular activities and bookings in our Park may be impacted by the severe weather. These include educational activities/bookings, shelter bookings, sporting and school bookings. Please contact our Visitor Services team on 02 9895 7599 to speak with a member of our team on how this may impact you.

Please note a number of our in-park tenants/venues may not be operating during this time. Please contact the venue directly for more information.

For the latest weather updates, please visit the Bureau of Meteorology.

For information relating to evacuation orders, please contact the SES on 132 500.

For emergency assistance, please call 000.

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