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Hello Wistaria Gardens

Wednesday January 25 to Sunday April 30

  • WHAT: Hello Wistaria Gardens
  • WHEN: 25 Jan 2023 until 30 Apr 2023
  • HOW MUCH: Free

Ever wondered where Wistaria Gardens received its name from or how the Wisteria plant came to be at Parramatta Park? Now you can learn more about the Gardens in a fun and engaging new way just by walking through with your mobile phone!

Introducing Hello Wistaria Gardens – a collaborative initiative with Hello Lamp Post, bringing the rich history of Wistaria Gardens to life. Come down to the Gardens and look out for carefully placed signs and QR codes ready to ‘talk’ to you and walk away feeling like an expert on Wistaria Gardens.

Explore now and join the conversation!

What is Hello Lamp Post and how does it work? 

Hello Lamp Post is a location-based engagement platform that uses AI-technology to bring objects and public spaces to life. Using QR codes and SMS you can have a friendly two-way conversation with eight points of interest across Wistaria Gardens. 

To start a conversation:

  1. Simply scan the QR code on any of our “Hello” signs at Wistaria Gardens and you will begin an interactive text message exchange to learn more about the rich history of the Gardens.
  2. Answer the object’s questions and get to know each other.
  3. Once you’ve finished your conversation, head to another sign to learn more from another object.
What you can learn 

Discover our eight interactive experiences around Wistaria Gardens and enjoy the full experience!

Palisade fence

The palisade fence around the Gardens is brimming with history, it once came from another popular location in Sydney, can you guess where? Find out by scanning the "Hello Entrance" sign at the front of the entrance to the Gardens.

Wisteria and establishing the Gardens

How were the Gardens established and how did Wisteria come to be at Parramatta Park? Scan the "Hello Plant" sign near the arbour to unlock the answer.

Wisteria vs Wistaria

What is the difference between Wisteria and Wistaria you ask? Start a conversation with the “Hello Wistaria” sign to find out.

First Nations history and the Parramatta Sand Body

Did you know an ancient sand body with evidence of human life from 35,000 - 40,000 years ago sits under Parramatta? Look for the “Hello Sand Body” sign to find out more 

Feeding the asylum

Today, Wistaria Gardens is full of beautiful plants but at one point it was also rich with crops to feed the patients living at the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. What food was grown here? Find our Hello Terrace” sign to learn more. 

Glengarriff House

How did Glengarriff House get its name and what was it used for over the years? Scan the “Hello Glengarriff sign outside the house to discover the answers.  

Flying fox camp

Parramatta Park has been home to a Grey-Headed Flying Fox camp for centuries. Learn more about this important Australian species by scanning the “Hello Flying Foxes” sign near the river.  

Palm Tree and other plants in the gardens

Have you seen the uniquely shaped palm tree in Wistaria Gardens? Do you know how it and other plants came to be? Go on a hunt and find the sign near the palm tree to unlock the answers.

How to get there 

Access to Wistaria Gardens is via Parramatta Park.  

Wistaria Gardens is located at the northern end of Parramatta Park. Entry is via Byrnes Avenue, near The Picnic Ground inside Parramatta Park. Limited parking is available nearby within the park. 

Visitor Guidelines 
  • Dogs are welcome in Wistaria Gardens and must be kept on a leash. Please keep them clear of flower beds.

  • Wistaria Gardens is wheelchair accessible, however some assistance may be required in grassed areas.

  • After interacting with the signs in Wistaria Gardens, you can enjoy a hearty meal at MISC, Parramatta Park's recently opened dining experience that is a short walk from Wistaria Gardens. You can also access public toilets in this location. 


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