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Parramatta Park

About us

Parramatta Park is 87 hectares of green open space featuring historic sites and attractions, sports fields and ovals, established gardens and remnant bushland, picnic spots and playgrounds, memorials and monuments, waterways and wildlife, cycleways and walking tracks.

The Crescent, the Park’s natural amphitheatre hosts major concerts, music festivals and iconic events during the Crescent Summer Series from December to February. Cultural festivals like Diwali and charity events including the Mother’s Day Classic are among the other highlights on our annual calendar.

Visitors can book a guided tour of convict-era buildings or explore the Park’s pre-colonial and colonial sites, Aboriginal heritage, or historic monuments at their own pace.

Parramatta Park was one of 11 Australian Convict Sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage Register in 2010.

It has been a People’s Park since 1858 and now receives more than 2 million visitors annually. It is managed by the Parramatta Park Trust.

Greater Sydney Parklands

Parramatta Park now comes under the combined administration of Greater Sydney Parklands which brings together some of Sydney’s most iconic parks: Centennial Parklands (including Moore Park and Queens Park), Western Sydney ParklandsParramatta ParkCallan Park and Fernhill Estate.

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