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Salters Field Playground to remain open until late November

Published: 27 April 2015 at 12:00 am

Parramatta Park Trust has announced the ageing Salters Field playground will remain open while Stage Two of the new playground is under construction.

Parramatta Park Trust Director, Suellen Fitzgerald, say it’s been very helpful to understand the community’s use of the older play space that caters specifically to yonger children and has thanked everyone “who has taken the time to contact us. “

“As a result of listening to the families that frequently use the old playground, we will keep the Salters Field equipment open until the planned additional toddler equipment has been constructed in the new playground.”

As well as additional toddler equipment, stage 2 will also include new picnic tables and shelters, BBQ facilities and an amenity block  that will provide a gathering place for families.

“The old playground will eventually have to be decommissioned as it is reaching the end of its life span, but we are confident when the new playground has been completed, it will include all the elemets that are curretly loved and used in the old playground.”

The new “ Domain Creek” childrens playground is located very close to the old playground, nestled amongst existing native trees, providing shade and making it a nature focused play experience.

“$ 8.7 million is being invested to improve the recreational facilities in the Paddocks recreational area, which includes the $2million Domain Creek Playground.

The playground, spread over three hectares  boasts bespoke play equipment and a host of hidden play elements such as sculptures and musical sensory games  for children to discover and delight in – encouraging exploration and imagination.

Some of the unique features of the new playground include an over sized  3 metre high ‘elephant‘ slide, a water play area with a ‘rain wheel’,  huge nets suspended above the ground, built- in trampolines, and an elevated ‘A deck’ , which is integrated into the tree lined creek.  

For more information about the works, visit our Paddocks Precinct Project page.                         

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