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Five things to do this spring

Published: 3 October 2018 at 12:00 am

Ignore the small chill in the morning air – Parramatta Park is warming up for spring. The ‘people’s park’ has something for everyone. Here’s a five‑pack of great spring ideas.

The lights of Deepavali

In November, Deepavali (or Diwali) returns to Parramatta Park. The Hindu festival of lights is one of our annual highlights, attracting 25,000 visitors. Expect food, entertainment and fireworks over two days.

In the northern hemisphere, Deepavali celebrates the end of the summer harvest, but down under it occurs in our spring. Deepavali in Parramatta Park is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in Australia.

The Deepavali festival is held at Parramatta Park on 3-4 November. Read more.

Get on your bike and ride

Spring is a great time to pull the bike out of the shed and ride the rust off. The 2018 Spring Cycle has a number of events to choose from, taking place all across Sydney, and Parramatta Park will be the starting point for the second‑ever 18km River Ride.

This great ride follows the Parramatta River to Silverwater Bridge, crosses to Newington, before making its way to Sydney Olympic Park. Find out more.


Stop and smell the roses

Spring time is rose time in Parramatta Park and the Rumsey Rose Garden is a must-see for flower lovers. The annual bloom begins in September and reaches its colourful zenith in October and November.

Rumsey Rose Garden is adjacent to Pitt Street, on the Park’s south-eastern corner. It’s only a short walk from Parramatta Station, via the Macquarie St Gate entrance. Stop by the Gatehouse Tea Rooms for refreshments while you’re there.

The Macquarie Street Gate is open 6am-8pm from daylight savings, 7 October.


Have a picnic!

As the weather starts getting warmer, we shed our winter jackets and emerge into longer days. What better way to celebrate the change of season than spending a day in the sun with family and friends? Parramatta Park has been a picnic and barbecue destination for generations.

Did you know that the Park has shelters that can be reserved for any day of the week, with capacity for up to 120 people? There are also free barbecues for you to use. Parramatta Park has hectares of open space to run around in and secluded glades where you can sit and watch the world amble by. Find out more.


Creche time for the grey-headed flying fox

We share the Park with our furry friends, the grey-headed flying fox. This endangered mega-bat has a wing span of up to a metre and can reach lengths of 30cm.

These nocturnal foragers make their home in the north-east section of the Park, along the banks of the Parramatta River, in a colony numbering between five and ten thousand. It was here that nature photographer Elizabeth Howell took her award-winning photograph of one local resident skimming its way over the surface of the water.

Spring marks the start of ‘creching’ time (October to April), where baby bats are left alone while their parents forage.

So, come along and pay our friends a visit, but remember to keep yourself back at a safe distance. That way we can all enjoy the Park.

Read more.

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