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Changes to car parking fees from 9 July 2018

Published: 22 June 2018 at 12:00 am

Parramatta Park operates two long-stay (10P) paid car parks. One is located off O'Connell Street near the Parramatta Pool (Pool Car Park) and the other is located near the Gatehouse Tea Rooms and Rumsey Rose Garden (Bowling Green Car Park). See Park map.

Both car parks are run as restricted parking areas. Vehicles must only park in marked bays and must clearly display a valid parking ticket on the dashboard of the car. Each car park has multiple ticket machines that accept either coins or credit card payments.

New fees for long-stay parking

A small increase in long-stay parking fees at the Pool Car Park and the Bowling Green Car Park will be effective as from Monday 9 July 2018.

The money raised from car parking is applied directly to Parramatta Park’s landscape, heritage, environment and community service programs. 

You can find out more about major projects in Parramatta Park on our Park Projects page

For the Pool Car Park, the new all-day parking fee is $13.00.

For the Bowling Green Car Park, the new all-day parking fee is $14.00.

You can pay for all-day parking (10 hours maximum stay) or on an hourly basis. Hourly parking rates will not be affected.

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