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Erth's Prehistoric Picnic

Saturday January 08 to Friday January 14

The Crescent, Parramatta

It’s been a while – 65 million years, actually – since Sydney echoed to the calls and footsteps of dinosaurs. Now, thanks to Erth, Sydney’s world-famous dino-recreationists, it’s like they never left.   

There’s nothing like a good bit of lawn for a dinosaur to stretch its legs and do all the things a dinosaur’s gotta do. Made to spark feelings of wonder, Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic sends Parramatta Park back to the wilderness of a distant era. A delight for the whole family, all you have to do is pack a picnic, practise your dino-voice and prepare to get very close to your favourite ancient creatures – including, for the first time, the newest members of Erth’s prehistoric menagerie, the towering, three-metre-tall Thunderbirds! 

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

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