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NOTICE OF FIRE BAN: The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has issued a TOTAL FIRE BAN for the Greater Sydney Region for Sunday 29 November 2020. This means no fires in the Park including coal and gas-fire barbecues and all fire permits are suspended.

Parramatta Park
  • Old Government House

A Servant's work is never done - School holidays at Old Governement House

Tuesday January 12 to Sunday January 17

Old Government House, Parramatta Park


A Servant’s work is never done when there is a dinner to prepare for the Governor and his guests. Do you have what it takes to impress them? Venture into the kitchen at Old Government House and experience what life was like for those who took up the task.

You are in charge of the kitchen today! Starting with what to serve, you will need to put together a menu for the evening.  The Governor has provided you with a list of his favourite dishes.  Select the ones you want, then practice your nineteenth-century flourishes as you copy your chosen dishes onto a menu card for the table.  Next you will need to polish the silverware – knives, forks and spoons – making sure you get the right ones for the dishes you have selected.  Each piece needs to be polished to a shine before they will be ready for the Governor’s dining table.  Finally, practice setting the table ready for the evening with a final inspection from the Head Cook (your parent or guardian) to see if your work will make it onto the table of the Governor.

Once finished, explore the rest of the house to learn more about the original servants of Old Government House and the tasks they had to undertake.

This event will appeal to families, parents and grandparents in search of a day’s outing with a historical twist. Children may take home their menu card as a memento.

We recommend this activity for children 5 years and over.  Please allow 30 minutes for the activity.  Normal admission applies.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please note:

  • Entry to Old Government House, access to Transportation exhibition and a chance to take part in the children’s activity
  • The property is currently closed on Mondays

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