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First Contact - The Imbalance of Power (Aboriginal Cultural Walk)

Thursday April 28

346A Church St, Parramatta

First Contact - The Imbalance of Power (Aboriginal Cultural Walk)

Join an Aboriginal guide on this revealing walk to visit significant sites where our shared history unfolded during the first forty years of the colony, changing the Aboriginal way of life forever.

As a centre of governance for the New South Wales, Parramatta was where the first recorded diplomatic protests against dispossession occurred; where the annual Native Feast was held, bringing many significant Aboriginal leaders to Parramatta; and where the Parramatta Native Institute, widely recognised as the site of the first institutional removal of children, was located.
Yet Parramatta was also a place where Aboriginals and colonists sometimes found ways to work together to mutual advantage.
This engaging tour focuses on interactions between the colonial government and the original inhabitants of this land, considering how and why these changed over time.

See also First Contact Trade, Friendships and Conflict, which examines the relations between Aboriginal people and the military, convicts and settlers

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