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Who can train in Parramatta Park?

Only approved trainers with a current permit are permitted to train within Parramatta Park.

What training can you do?

The following types of activities are permitted, subject to approval:

  • Gym sessions (with or without hand weights, fit balls, skipping ropes and/or individual personal gym equipment).
  • Boxing and pad training.
  • Organised aerobic activity.
  • Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes and like activities.
  • Circuit training.
  • A combination of any of the above.

How many people can you have in a group?

The Trust officers will determine the number of persons permitted in your group to a maximum of 18 participants.

Where can you train?

Training can only occur in your designated area at the approved times and days. You can refer to our Personal Training & Fitness Group Areas for details about the different areas.

How do you get a permit to train?

To apply for a training permit you must complete and submit an Application Form and provided copies of all relevant qualifications and insurance certificates.

Applications are processed within 10 working days and you will be advised via email of tentative approval for your activity and issued with a quote confirming the cost.

Once payment in full has been received your application will be finalised and you will be issued with your training permit, confirmation letter and tax invoice.

What fees apply?

The relevant fees are listed below.

Permit Fee: $1,300.00 for 52 weeks OR $780.00 for 26 weeks
Application Fee: $50.00 per application
Permit Replacement: $50.00 per replacement
Alteration Fee: $50.00 per request
Bond: $100.00

How long do permits last for?

You can opt to have a 52 week or 26 week permit.

How do you renewal a permit?

If you would like to renew your permit you will need to reapply and submit a new application form and copies of all relevant qualifications and insurance certificates at least 4 weeks prior to the expiry date of your current training permit.

What happens if you don’t have a permit?

Only approved trainers with a current permit are permitted to train within Parramatta Park. If you do not have a permit, or your permit has expired you may not conduct training activities.

If you continue to use the park without a valid permit you may receive an infringement.

Where can you get more information?

Visit our Venue Hire page for all the relevant information or email bookings@ppt.nsw.gov.au.


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