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School bookings

General School Excursions

With its rich and unique heritage, Parramatta Park makes the perfect outdoor ‘classroom’ for school groups! Students can learn more about the history of the Park and surrounding area through visits to historic sites or explore and connect with the natural environment.

To ensure the safety of school children, we have produced a Parramatta Park School Use Policy. Please refer to this for detailed information on holding school excursions in the Park.

Please complete this Application Form and submit all relevant paperwork to apply to hold your next school excursion in the Park. If you would like to hire a shelter please see Book an Area.

Cross Country Carnivals & Walkathons

Please read our Parramatta Park Cross Country / Walkathon Policy for detailed information on holding this type of event in Parramatta Park.

There are three different routes available. Find out more about them below and determine the best option for your event:

Option 1 - West Domain

Option 2 - Crescent Views

Option 3 - Government Farm

Complete this Application Form and submit all relevant paperwork to apply for hold your next cross country carnival/walkathon in Parramatta Park.


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