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The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has issued a statewide TOTAL FIRE BAN for Tuesday 19 November 2019 until 12 midnight. This means no fires in the park including coal and gas fire BBQ's and all fire permits are suspended. Please report any fires quickly to 000.

Find out more about total fire ban rules: https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/about-us/our-districts/orana/fire-information/fdr-and-tobans/total-fire-ban-rules

Parramatta Park

Digital collection

Gain an insight into the past with our online archive detailing objects of historical significance that have been found in Parramatta Park.

The first steps to creating a Parramatta Park online archive were taken with the assistance of Museum Studies intern, Patricia Raya. Over a month was spent reviewing our archives to select an array of interesting objects and artefacts found in Parramatta Park to present in our eHive moveable heritage catalogue.

The catalogue will continue to grow over time to include popular culture memorabilia associated with the last 30 years of concerts and events in Park, as well as the latest finds from George Street Gatehouse and the Observatory site digs.


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