Parramatta Park

Your Parramatta Park 2030

Draft Parramatta Park Conservation Management Plan and Plan of Management

You're invited to ‘have your say’ on the future of Parramatta Park by getting involved in our engagement activities, which will help shape the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and the Plan of Management (POM) for Parramatta Park to 2030.

We want to ensure the best outcomes for the Park for the next 10 years, which is why we’re speaking to the community, Park neighbours and stakeholders and welcome suggestions and ideas about the future of the Park.

Together we’re aiming to strike a balance between our important heritage and environmental values, retaining existing and creating new leisure and recreational opportunities, and conserving this valuable green space for the people of Parramatta and Western Sydney for future generations.

Combined with the legislation that protects our World Heritage Listed Park, this Plan will set the Vision, Strategic Objectives, Heritage Policies and Management Framework for Parramatta Park for the next decade.

The Plan is a revision of the existing Parramatta Park Conservation and Management Plan which was prepared in 2008.


How to get involved in person

We are hosting a drop-in sessions in the Park where you will be able to speak to staff about the project and provide feedback. Please join us, there is no need to RSVP. 

What: Drop-in session for Your Parramatta 2030


  • 10.30am-1.30pm, Wednesday 17 July - Murray Gardens


How to participate online

1. Read about the Park’s history and draft vision for Your Parramatta Park 2030
2. Complete the online survey (15 questions) by Friday 26 July 2019 by clicking on the following link:


Contact Us

If you would like to provide further feedback about the project or have any further questions, please contact us on the following:


Mail: PO Box 3064, Parramatta 2124

Phone:  0436 005 764 to speak to a consultant.

The community will have the opportunity to comment on the draft Plan later in the year. 



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