Parramatta Park

The Gardens Precinct


The Gardens Precinct is the area of land to the east of Old Government House on the south side of the Parramatta River. It is located between George Street Gatehouse and Old Government House, including the Murray Gardens, Murray Gardens Creek and Pavilion Flat.

Project overview

Following the completion of the convict era Macquarie Bridge restoration project, work on the $1m upgrade to the Gardens Precinct is complete.

Description of completed works

  • Partial reconstruction of the George St promenade to complement the restored George St Gatehouse. This work includes the installation of trafficable sandstone paving, central decomposed granite pedestrian path, and planting of a formal avenue of Oaks to define the promenade.

  • Interpretation of the Macquarie-era dam through the removal of collected silt materials. The eastern and western embankments are planted with native grasses and shrubs to establish a thriving ecosystem and picturesque landscape setting.

  • Major landscape upgrades to Murray Gardens including the planting of a series of native ornamental gardens. Significant plaques and memorials, including the Parramatta RSL’s Aleppo Pine have been relocated within the Precinct.

  • New paths and seating to improve visitor amenity.

  • Macquarie Convict Bridge conservation works including reconstruction of the Macquarie-era bridge using period construction methods by artisan stonemasons, as part of the NSW Premier’s Stoneworks Program

  • Minor maintenance works to the Lady Fitzroy Memorial.



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