Parramatta Park

The Dairy Precinct


The Dairy Precinct is the area of land found in the centre of the Park containing the Rangers and Dairy Cottages. The Precinct is bound by timber fencing, and is located to the north of Old Government House, overlooking the Parramatta River.

Project Overview

The $1.7 million upgrade to the Dairy Precinct consists of enhancements to the Dairy and Rangers Cottages, and landscape works throughout the Precinct, to improve the interpretation and understanding of the Dairy Precinct and the greater Parramatta Park cultural landscape.

Description of Works

  • Installation of interactive multimedia systems, including AV projections, iPads, and soundscapes to interpret the Park’s cultural significance.
  • Installation of bespoke information signage throughout the precinct.
  • Landscape works to rationalise the space and improve visitor amenity.
  • Installation of new park furniture and lighting to improve visitor comfort and amenity.


  • Completed October 2016.

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