Parramatta Park

The Crescent upgrade


The Crescent amphitheatre is located in the centre of Parramatta Park, below Old Government House. It is popular for large private and corporate events such as Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert and more. Staircases connect the amphitheatre to the top of the Crescent ridgeline which is where the Boer War Memorial and historic Bathhouse are located.

Project overview

The Trust has completed works to upgrade the Crescent amphitheatre's functional requirements for larger events along with works along the crescent ridgeline to improve connectivity and pedestrian access between the top and bottom of the Park.

Description of works

The design aims to consider both indigenous and colonial heritage significance, minimise visual impact of the works from the roadway, address drainage issues and strengthen the Crescent shape naturally created by Parramatta River.

Works to upgrade and improve The Crescent will be carried out in two stages:

Stage 1 works - completed

  • A new fully paved staging area for temporary events using natural stone pavers that will emulate the river’s edge and natural river bed siltation layers
  • A paved truck manoeuvring and loading area and back of house
  • Front of house facilities
  • Strengthening of the avenue of Oaks by planting new oaks
  • Upgrade of lighting, power, water and sewer connections

Stage 2 works - completed

  • New stairways from the Boer War Memorial to the site with integrated lighting
  • Drainage improvements that will improve the longevity of the space
  • Upgrades to pathways and landscaping
  • Rural-style fencing to ridgeline pathway
  • Regeneration and revegetation of Cumberland Plain species

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