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We would like to assure you that it is our priority to safeguard the health and safety of our visitors and staff.

We are closely monitoring and responding to Government health advice in this rapidly changing environment and putting in place measures to protect our community during these challenging times.

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Is the Park open?

At this stage, the public is being encouraged to stay at home unless shopping for essentials, travelling to and from work - where you cannot work from home, are going to school or exercising.

Our Parks are open to the public so people can enjoy daily exercise and spending time among nature. However, due to current social distancing requirements, our playgrounds are closed until further notice.

Visitors and staff must adhere to NSW Health COVID-19 guidelines, including staying 1.5 metres from other people and not gathering in groups of more than 2 people (unless from the same family household).

The Trust will continue to notify visitors and the community of any closures on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Can I go cycling in the Park?

Yes, cycling in the Park is permitted. However, you need to follow 1.5m social distancing guidelines.  Cycling NSW recommends solo riding only.



Can I use the playground?

All playgrounds are closed due to current NSW Health social distancing requirements.

Can I bring/walk my dog?

Yes, registered dog breeds are allowed in the Park and must be on a leash. Visitors are required to observe NSW Health’s 1.5 metre social distancing requirements and must not congregate in groups larger than 2 people (unless from the same family household).

Can I drink from the water fountains in the Park?

Public drinking water supplies are safe to drink, however the surfaces around the fountain including the spout and button/lever could pose a transmission risk for COVID-19 and other germs. At this stage, it is not certain how long viruses that cause COVID-19 survive on surfaces.

NSW Health recommends that you do not place your mouth on the spout of a water fountain. Test the water flow and let the water run for a few seconds before drinking the water without putting your mouth or lips on the spout.

If the fountain requires you to push a button or lever, clean the surface first or use your elbow. Clean your hands afterwards with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

Where can I find more information?

For more information please get in contact with us via: info@ppt.nsw.gov.au

We will continue to provide you with updates as Government and Health advice changes and will ensure that we continue to provide a quality Park experience for our visitors. 

Please stay safe during this time, and for key information on COVID-19 in NSW, visit the NSW Health COVID-19 website or NSW Government's COVID-19 Community Advice website.


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